2.3 Important points to remember

  • "+" after an amount means that this amount has been debited from your account.
  • "-" after an amount means that a replenishment or refund has been credited to your account.
  • A pending order is a debit order issued online that has not yet been processed by the EPO.
  • The pending orders that you can view under "Deposit Account" are debit orders that you have made via either
    (a) Online Filing or
    (b) New online filing (CMS) or
    (c) Online Fee Payment.

    Payments submitted via official EPO payment forms either by post or via fax (i.e. manual debit orders) are not shown in the "Pending Orders" view.
  • Pending orders are visible after you have submitted your debit order to the EPO (debit orders sent via Online Fee Payment
    are visible immediately, while debit orders sent via Online Filing are visible after approximately 30 minutes).
    You can also check here if your payment has been received by the EPO. For example, if you enter the full application number
    for which you have made a payment and click on "Search", you will find your debit order back in the list.
  • Under "Transactions" in the "Deposit Account" screen you can see the payments you have made in the 90 days prior to the last transaction.
  • Under "Transactions" in the "Account History" screen you can see the payments you have made from 1 January 2002 onwards, excluding the last 90 days.
  • Once a pending order has been processed by the EPO, it will be shown in the "Transactions" view in the "Deposit Account" screen.
    This usually takes up to three working days.
  • The "Payment Plan" view shows only those applications that are covered by the automatic debiting procedure.
  • It is not possible to revoke debit orders online (exception: payments made via automatic debit orders).
    To revoke a debit order, please contact:

    Treasury & Accounts
    Fax: +49 89 23 99 25 28
    e-mail: finance@epo.org

    Please note that in case of revocation sent via email, a signed official confirmation of the revocation is in any case needed (by post or via fax).
  • Debit orders (standard or deferred execution) can only be revoked until 00.00 hrs CET on the date of submission.
  • Only fees due during the patent granting procedure and have a fee code can be paid via Online fee payment.
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