To check what you have learned about the Online fee payment service so far, why not have a go at answering the following questions (for some questions, more than one answer is possible).
1. The information in the different views in Online fee payment can be downloaded in:
2. The fee payment plan gives you an overview of:
all the payments you have ever made to the EPO all applications covered by the automatic debiting procedure the EPO's financial plans for the forthcoming year all your applications for which a fee is due in the next 10, 14 30 or 40 days
3. The schedule of fees shows:
all EPO fees all fees relating to the patent granting procedure renewal fees only the latest fees in euro fees in other currencies (before the euro was introduced)
Answer true or false to the following statements:
4. You can print or download your account statements from the "Transactions" view in the "Deposit Account" section.
True False
5. "+" after an amount means that the EPO will transfer money to your account.
True False
6. You can view your account balance on the "Overview" page.
True False
7. Under "Deposit Account" you can see pending orders relating to debit orders submitted via Online Filing and Online fee payment.
True False
8. You can see transactions made during the last 180 days.
True False
9. If you forget to print out the confirmation that a debit order has been submitted you can still consult the "Pending Orders" view.
True False
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