To check what you have learned about the Online fee payment service so far, why not have a go at answering the following questions (for some questions, more than one answer is possible).
1. What can you do with the EPO Online Multipay Tool?
prepare an XML file for filing a patent application prepare an XML file for making a batch payment pay money to the EPO have money transferred to your clients' account save money on your bank account import and export Excel files in CSV format
2. To make a single payment you need to know
the first name of the inventor the number of the application for which you would like to make a payment the applicant's name the language in which the application was filed the reference number
3. Which is the legal date of payment if you pay with Online fee payment?
the previous day the following working day the day on which the EPO calls you to confirm receipt of your payment the date printed on the confirmation of receipt of your online debit order generated by the Online fee payment system i.e. the date of submission of your debit order (provided that there are enough funds in your account) any date you choose
Answer true or false to the following statements:
4. If a pending order has been received by the EPO, you can view it in the "Pending orders" view.
True False
5. The EPO Online Multipay Tool can be downloaded free of charge from the download centre on
True False
6. The EPO Online Multipay Tool can be used to compile payments for EP applications only.
True False
7. When you send off a debit order for single or batch payments, you receive immediate confirmation of transmission.
True False
8. It is the responsibility of the user to make sure that your account is replenished before you make an online payment.
True False
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