My Files tutorial > 1. Getting started > 1.1 What is My Files?

1.1 What is My Files?

My Files is an online service providing you with secure access to the files for which you are the appointed representative.

With My Files you can:

  • access both unpublished and published files
  • access complete file contents (including non-public documents)
  • use the self-service functionality to manage representation
    • withdraw representation
    • re-assign representation
  • use the self-service functionality to change the user reference

The benefits of My Files:

  • It provides access to your non-published applications
  • A dynamically produced list provides you with a searchable overview of all the files for which you are responsible
  • Being able to withdraw or change representation electronically on the files that you own means that you can keep
    the records of your active files up to date, thereby enhancing the quality of your data and observing your duty of
    care to applicants.

My Files is available to users accessing the service via smart card login.

You must also be associated with the company mailbox in order to access My Files.
For information on how to be associated with your company mailbox, see the Mailbox module.

Note: If you file as an association, you will have access to all of your company's files.