PatXML tutorial

PatXML tutorial

Welcome to the PatXML e-learning tutorial

This e-learning tutorial is designed for new users and users who are not yet familiar with the EPO’s PatXML software. The tutorial is supported by short instructional videos and screenshots.

PatXML is an easy-to-use software tool which allows you to use Microsoft® Word® to create EP and PCT patent applications in XML format. The XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format is software- and system-independent, and is a standard agreed by the EPO, JPO, USPTO and WIPO.

Why should I use PatXML?

  • PatXML allows you to work in the familiar interface of Microsoft® Word®, so it is easy for you to prepare and import your patent applications in Word® and save them in XML.
  • Prior knowledge of XML is not required.
  • PatXML generates a Word® template conforming to EPC/PCT articles and rules, which helps you to prepare your patent applications.
  • There are pop-up screens to help you enter data such as patent citations.
  • You can copy, cut and paste or import text and images from existing documents (not only in Word® format) into PatXML. The data is automatically converted to XML and all images are converted to a standard format with links inside the XML text data.
  • If you use PatXML templates, very little retyping or reformatting should be required for any subsequent procedures or applications of a similar nature.
  • You can preview the document in a PDF viewer.
What will I learn in this tutorial?

  • How to create a new patent application
  • How to customise the content of your application document
  • How to customise your document structure using the Content Management window
  • How to print and save
  • How to open or import an existing PatXML application
  • How to integrate with EPO Online Filing
You may go through this tutorial from start to end, or go directly to any of the six topics at any time by using the navigation buttons.