To check what you have learned so far about My Files, why not have a go at answering the following questions? (Multiple correct answers are possible for some questions.)
With My Files you can
access unpublished files receive files from the EPO file applications to the EPO withdraw representation
In order to be able to use My Files you need
to be associated to the Mailbox to be a professional representative to be a company administrator to be in an association to have a smart card
The following sections are part of the My Files:
Inbox Overview European
patent register
Follow Up Fee Payment Register alert
Withdraw Representation allows withdrawal of:
files with a representative representation for files, a representative represents representation for files, an association represents a patent application an attorney from an association a representative from Oral proceedings
Answer 'true' or 'false' to the following statements:
An association consists of at least 4 or more representatives.
True False
My Files can be used free of charge.
True False
A clean up of data needs to be done before a company begins to use My Files.
True False
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