To check what you have learned so far about Online fee payment, why not have a go at answering the following questions? (Multiple correct answers are possible for some questions.)
With Online fee payment you can
make single payments make batch payments transfer money to your bank print, view and download account information
In order to be able to use Online fee payment you need
a smart card and smart card reader a credit card a deposit account with the EPO cheques
The following sections are part of the Online fee payment service:
Mailbox Overview European patent register Deposit Account Payment Plan Register alert
Answer true or false to the following statements:
The Payment Plan lists all the applications for which fees will be debited from your account automatically.
True False
Online fee payment can be used free of charge.
True False
The Schedule of Fees is not part of the Online fee payment service.
True False
Details of your transactions and pending orders can be viewed in the Deposit Account section.
True False