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1.1 What is Online fee payment?

Online fee payment is a free service that allows EPO deposit account holders to pay fees and view their account information online.

With Online fee payment you can:
  • view and print in PDF or download in XML
    • deposit account overviews, including your account balance and the total amount of fees due via the automatic debiting procedure
      within the next 10, 14, 30 or 40 days
    • account statements dating back to 1 January 2002
    • new statements every two weeks (covering 1st to 15th and 16th to last day of month)
    • all transactions since 1 January 2002
    • pending orders (online debit orders submitted both via Online filing and Online fee payment not yet processed by the EPO)
    • a list of applications covered by the automatic debiting procedure
    • a list of all applications for which fees will automatically be debited within the next 40 days
    • confirmation that your debit orders (single or batch) have been reveived
    • the EPO’s current schedule of fees, including equivalent fees from earlier periods
  • pay fees in single or batch payments (batch files can be created using the Multipay Tool or using the DTD)
  • track fees paid via the Online filing software